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Fukui Prefecture is known in Japan as a treasure trove of dinosaur fossils.
The Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum, one of the three great dinosaur museums of the world, has 44 full dinosaur skeletons on display.
Fukui is also packed with scenic spots, such as the Tojinbo cliffs and their wondrous shapes cut by ocean waves, and the mystical Echizen Ono Castle that floats in a cloud sea.
Daihonzan Eihei-ji Temple and its 70 buildings deep in the woods is not to be missed. It is a temple with a history dating back nearly 800 years.
If you're hungry, Fukui is the place to be for seafood.
It boasts luxuries such as Echizen crab and Wakasa blowfish that are so popular that many visitors travel from outside the prefecture to sample them.
Don't forget to try Echizen sea urchin, a salted elegant sea urchin that is said to be one of the three great delicacies of Japan.

Getting from Tokyo to FUKUI

Route 1

  • Haneda Airport → Komatsu airport : Approximately 1 hour 10 minutes to Komatsu airport.
    (From Komatsu airport to Fukui station will take about 1 hour by bus.)

Route 2

  • JR Tokyo station → JR Fukui station : Approximately 3 hours 40 minutes. Taking Hokuriku Shinkansen from Tokyo station to Kanazawa station and transfer at Kanazawa station to Hokuriku rail line to Fukui station.

Recommended routes

    Begin by viewing legendary Japanese ukiyo-e painter and printmaker Hokusai’s masterpiece Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji at Sumida Hokusai Museum before travelling to Eiheiji Temple, a head temple and holy site with over 700 years of history and tradition. Buddhist ascetic training is practiced here, and visitors can catch a glimpse of ascetic monks undergoing such training. Experience the heart and soul of Japan on this trip.

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